Geometric Brass Hanging Planter

$ 27.95


Kit Includes:

–15 pieces of solid brass tubing

–Spool of floral wire

–18" of genuine leather 



Q – Where can I find the tutorial to make this planter?

A – The full picture & video tutorial can be found here on


Q – This kit doesn't come with a bowl! How will I find one that fits?! 

A – Never fear my darling, the planter accommodates different size bowls! Check out Target, they have some good ones ;).


Q – How big will my planter turn out?

A – The finished size of the planter is ″ long before you put a bowl in it.


Q –How much time will it take for me to make this project?

A – This project will take around 20 minutes. Unless you’re with your chatty friends, then it could last all night. (Read that last line to your husband if you need to use me as an excuse for a night out!)

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