Twisted Cloth Lamp Cord | Beige

$ 22.00

Don’t stress over hiding ugly lamp wires anymore, just switch them to something amazing!  Perfect for DIY lighting, and upgrading the current cord on your favorite lights!



– 15′ Beige Cotton Cloth Wrapped Lamp Cord



– 15 Feet Long

– 18/2 Gauge Wire (specifies that the copper wires inside the insulated cord are 18 gauge and that there are actually 2 parallel wires (one positive, one negative).

18 Gauge Insulated PVC single-core copper stranded wire for internal wiring, wrapped in fabric and twisted together. This product fulfilled the essential safety requirements for CE conformity according to the European Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) at the date of its manufacture. Rated: H05V-K OR H07V-K, 300 Volt Max, 160 Degree Celsius PVC / 70 Degree Celsius Fabric. Certified for use in Europe according to the following standards at time of manufacture: HD 21.3 S3:1995 + Al:1999



Q – How does this lamp cord come?

A – It comes clipped and ready to wire.  There is not a socket or a plug attached.


Q – Where can I use it?

A – You can use it to jazz up an existing light, or to DIY your own!


Q – How long does it take to recieve?

A – Delivery is 7-10 days from the day that your order is placed.


Q –What kind of light socket can this be wired to?

A –It can be wired to any standard socket and outlet plug.

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