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Modern Plant Pulley

$ 57.00

If you ask any plant lover what their biggest frustration with plant parenthood you will hear over and over the problems with hanging plants.

Hanging plants look amazing, but man alive can they be hard to water.

You know those infomercials where people hilariously struggle to do simple tasks? It's like that, but it actually happens!! Water running down your arm, overflowing onto the floor, blindly missing the soil.


Our modern hanging plant pulley solves every problem that you can throw at it!

  • Easily set a custom height to lower your plant to for watering.

  • The balls meet and hold your plant in place for hands-free watering + care!

  • Then pull it back into place and secure. SO SIMPLE!!


The configuration is completely custom! Depending on your ceiling height, planter length (why do they always make them so tiny?), window placement, and aesthetic! Possibilities are endless!!

Plant Pulley is handmade from solid maple, and includes:

(4) 1.5" Maple Balls

(3) 2.5" Maple Balls inset with blind nut for easy screw installation

19' premium cotton rope

Steel ring

All hardware for any configuration you can dream up

Step by step mounting instructions included


Patent pending


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