Brass Hanging Planter Kit

$ 25.99

Brass Tube Hanging Planter Kit!! Just add a small bowl and your favorite plant to this kit for a unique and on trend planter!



This DIY Geometric Brass Hanging Planter Kit is the perfect project to show off your favorite plants!  

Kit Includes:

– 15 pieces of solid brass tubing

–Spool of floral wire

- Leather lace



Q – Where can I find the tutorial to make this planter?

A – The full picture & video tutorial can be found right here my friend.


Q – Is this enough tubing to make the entire planter?

A – It sure is!


Q – Is there anything else that I need to add to this kit?

A – You'll need a small bowl and of course a plant!  The style of the planter can accommodate different bowl sizes, you can see a few of my favorite ones in the tutorial post. 


Q – How big does the planter turn out?

A – The finished size of the planter  is 17″


Q –How much time will it take for me to make this project?

A – This project will take around 15 minutes. Unless you’re with your chatty friends, then it could last all night.


Q – How long does it take to recieve?

A – Delivery is 7-10 days from the day that your order is placed.


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