Salt Lake City Temple | Lake Blanche DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

$ 20.00

This print is a breath of fresh air for those that want LDS art in their home, but also want it to fit in with their more modern and on trend decor style. (I hear ya man!)  In designing these prints, I wanted to capture the unique structural architecture of the temple and showcase the incredible beauty of the area that the temple is in. Each temple has been hand drawn and overlays an original landscape of its native area.  

These prints are breathtaking and rockstar cool at the same time. So we've basically reached unicorn status here.

This listing is for a LIMITED EDITION DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. This is NOT a physical print! The file is immediately available for download and will not be watermarked.


Photography: Tyler Rye Photography

Illustration: Jer Garcia

Have suggestions for our next Temple + Location? Don't be keepin' it a secret!  See that little contact tab in the lower right corner of your screen? Use it!

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